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Brilliant Violet™ Antibody Conjugates

Brilliant Violet™ antibody conjugates proudly co-developed by BioLegend and Sirigen, are an innovative class of novel research reagents, providing more options for your multicolor flow cytometry panels and getting you better results. Maximize the capacity of your violet laser with our large selection of directly labeled Brilliant Violet™ antibody conjugates.

Brilliant Violet™antibody conjugates will change the future of flow cytometry, bringing new power to the violet laser. In particular, Brilliant Violet 421™ antibodies consistently stain at similar levels to PE, the brightest known fluorochrome, bringing unparalleled sensitivity and resolution to the violet laser, while Brilliant Violet 570™ antibodies add needed versatility to panel selection for multicolor flow cytometry. Brilliant Violet 605™ and Brilliant Violet 650™ antibodies also provide exceptionally bright signal and further expand options for multicolor panels. Brilliant Violet 711™ and Brilliant Violet 785™ bring newly expanded capability and selection for multicolor flow cytometry.